Clerk of the Circuit Court & Comptroller

Okeechobee, Florida


Job Information

Desktop Support Technician

Description: The Okeechobee County Clerk’s Office is seeking a Desktop

Support Technician to assist with computer systems installations,

maintenance and support. The working Environment includes Microsoft

Windows OS, Office 365/Exchange, Adobe office products, and several

department specific software packages. The support technician will be

responsible for desktop/laptop hardware, peripherals, software and

network support.  As a support technician you will be expected to exhibit

troubleshooting skills in the following areas:  Resolution of virus infections,

spy-ware, gray-ware, phishing and other internet attacks against

computers and networks.  You must have knowledge in basic router

configuration and networking. Knowledge and experience with Microsoft

VMWare and virtualization is desired.

Requirements: Candidates must have experience installing Microsoft

Windows operating systems, Microsoft Office 2010/2016, and must be able

to provide troubleshooting resolutions for end-users.

Special Requirements:

1) Ability to pass a background investigation. 

2) Possession of a valid Florida Driver's License and have automobile



Working Conditions: Work in a computer environment; sustained posture

in a seated position for prolonged periods of time; continuous exposure to

computer screens and voltage.  Perform some moderate to heavy lifting.

Additional Info: A working knowledge of security systems, audio/video

equipment and VoIP & digital telephone systems. Working knowledge of

server hardware and server software.

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Okeechobee County Judicial Center

312 Northwest 3rd Street, Suite #101

Okeechobee, Florida   34972

Office: 863.763.2131


Last Update: 03.31.2017